Viktoria Jones

Viktoria Jones

As a future doctor I was sitting a lot at the desk during my exam preparations which caused back pain and a few extra pounds. So I signed in at a fitness studio. Without previous knowledge about sporting activities I felt completely lost and showed less motivation with the lack of successes.

Luckily I met Niels and his Personal Training and I was already fascinated after our first session. Compared to a fitness studio and my rather lonely runs I really enjoyed the variety of exercises  which Niels had specifically chosen for me  after our initial health check. After the first session I was happy that Niels didn’t condemn me for my stitches and lack of body tension. He rather saw it as my given constitution and the starting point of our joint work. Masterfully and playfully he found my limits. And low and behold: My limits are moveable!

After a few sessions not only my condition and fitness level has changed but also my life! During training Niels gives valuable advice for positive change such as nutrition, stress management or motivation. And all that with natural ease and a lot of humor and tactfulness. Niels does everything in life with passion and this actually shows in many areas. In his versatile personality and the way he deals with people: open, tactful, straightforward and also in his passion for his subject!

Niels, I wish you further success and that you furthermore enrich peoples life with your stirring positive nature!

(Translated from German to English)

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