Sven Ehler

Sven Erik Ehler

It has been a while since Niels has shown me my limits of performance during a PT-session. It is the memory of this training that spurred me on to go back and commit to a long term collaboration 

 It has been completely different type of training (which meant a lot of sore muscles!) which absolutely convinced me of Niels and made it easy for me to engage him as my personal trainer.

His manner to address me and the empathy towards me were very pleasant and helpful; the base of my personal growth. His professional and vocational expertise combined with a sharp focus on change is what I can truly recommend to everybody who is looking for a motivating trainer.

During the training you are demanded but it is always carried by a lightness which Niels automatically creates through his personality. And it is precisely the interplay which makes every training so unique and interesting once again.

(Translated from German to English))

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