Sandra Giebelstein

Sandra Giebelstein

For 3 years  now I have trained with Niels. In the beginning it was my goal to lose weight. Today it is important for me to feel fit and balanced.

“Your body will pass through a metamorphose” Niels said in the beginning.

And he was right. My body has totally changed even though I have only lost a few kilos. But the typical problematic areas (hip, bottom, thigh) have obviously changed due to measuring tape and (my) physical feeling.

No matter if we train outside or in the gym, Niels always surprises me with new exercises and training approaches. The intensity has also changed, since I have learned how to contract specific muscles intentionally. New for me was the fact that training can also be taxing for your mind and not just for your body.

I often work 50 - 60 hours per week but I won’t miss my pt-sessions. With Niels I know that he will find the right balance between exertion and recreation. I feel fit and balanced to manage my job and my everyday life. Currently I can’t imagine to train only by my self. Not because I can’t do it, but rather the fact that his training is such an enrichment for me that I just don’t want to.

Thanks Niels for the great time. I am looking forward to everything upcoming.

SH´BAM :-)

(translated from German into English)

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