Mareice Bruhnke

Mareice Bruhnke

For 3 years  now I have trained with Niels, and it was the best decision I could have made.I work in the field and drive up to 500km/per day. Before I got to know Niels I was constantly having headaches and back pain. I often felt drained, so tired and very little energy- My body wasn’t as fit as it is now.

Niels training approach is totally geared to my needs. He does a lot to strengthen my back and my abs and makes sure that I get out in nature and get fresh air. Even if I think from time to time that because of my busy schedule I don’t have time for training Niels offers alternatives and we find a solution. That way I will definitely get my workout sessions and I really thank him to make everything possible and to push me sometimes.
Come rain or shine Niels makes it work…and I also like that I can always bring my dog to our outdoor sessions and he gets his “training” as well.
I can recommend Niels and his training all around and my body and I thank him once more!

(translated from German into English)

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