Heidi and Rolf Sahlmann

Heidi und Rolf Sahlmann

What a man!
When we first met Niels a towering fella was standing in front of us greeting us with a firm handshake. We were both at that time 69 years old, and we had doubts at first that we could meet the expectations of a modern training setup. But our PT Niels gently introduced us to the training sessions and to taxing came fun. Necessary limitations as a result of a prolapsed disc and knee operations were coordinated by Niels with the treating orthopedist. This way we could specifically  improve our mobility and stability.
We were stunned that Niels came up with something new almost every session: working on the ground on a mat, with machines in the gym or with numerous balls in different sizes. It has never been boring during the whole time.
Now we are three years older and it is still a pleasure to train with Niels and to deal with his advice to nutrition and training. We also love hearing his fishing stories which he likes to share with us.
Niels, we want to thank you for the great and successful time with you.
Keep up the good work!
Heidi und Rolf

(Translated from German to English)

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